B Flat & Feel My C Sharp


Strumming hands on her pair shape

sienna stained sucrose, 

listening to voice crystallize in my eardrums. 

In the most passionate, artistic way,

I clutch her neck

and slide my fingers across the strings that

echo musical moans. 

She's fine tuned and stretched out to a sweet capacity 

where every noise she utters is worthy of being recorded. 

Breathing generates erogenous harmonics. 

She is that four letter cryptic emotion,

pounding in chest,

vibrating in my arms

at frequencies that create tension in men's denim. 

If only magazines measured beauty by sound. 

Sometimes I tap her backside for oomph and dramatic flare. 

Affection is a plectrum used to make her hollow body resonate immaculate acoustics. 

Never focused on a number, she sits on the scales of my pulse

whispering the softest tunes,

harmonizing with the music of my soul.


Roger Smith © 2015

Solo - Oil Painting by WAK

Website: www.wak-art.com & Instagram: @artbywak