The First inventive collection of poetry published by poet Roger Smith.  Laundromats & Lounges focuses on one's expression of coping with modern day topics of Metropolitan life and the passionate, spiritual, & artistic reflections brought forth from the soul of this blessed poet.

It is a spontaneous poetic voyage of emotions erupting through the vision of living life as a young, married, Christian, Black father of three daughters, in working class America, with dreams of becoming a laureate from the climactic bond of pen, paper, and creativity.


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"We bring our clothes, our worries, our stress, even the very ones we wear, to the laundromat to cleanse the dirt and grime of our daily lives and experiences.  We soap up, rigorously journey through the spin cycle, rinse, and spin again to relieve ourselves of the excess; and this is an everyday cycle for man and woman both.  We try to dry off as if we can ever become fully clean, as if our clothes could ever be brand new again.  It's not that this is impossible, it is, but only through the help, grace, and forgiveness of The Most High.  We then attempt to forget about these stressors, evade the bills, the creditors calling, the garnishments, the recurring mortgages, car notes, and feeding and providing for our families.  We venture to a bar, for others a church, and yet still a lounge; somewhere to serve as an analgesic of the problems one is faced with getting through the day to day struggle, especially for those in the working class.  It's the movie "Groundhog Day" if you're not doing what you love and I was living this; jotting down my experiences, my thoughts, my visions of people around me living this same constant turmoil with millions of moments of jubilation in between.  They say the struggle builds character, and life is all about building the best character you can as you prepare to return to the Almighty father.  The journey through these Laundromats & Lounges will only make people recognize their lives, toils, happiness, and frustrations, are not theirs alone, but it's shared with all of God's children, and we have a responsibility to circulate our stories and testify the greatness of God.  For some it's preaching, for me it's the route that I always thought wouldn't put food on the table.  We spend our lives trying to find who we are and our purpose in life.  Quill, pen, or mic, I'm a poet."



The second collection of poetry from poet Roger Smith draws inspiration from the world of literature, current events, and matters of the heart.  It then twists these experiences through the veins and arteries of intimacy bringing readers into the organs of poetry as well as humanity.  The rotating mind of a cancer survivor, the erotic loins of a Christian in conflict, the overwhelming internal tennis match of rage in being a Black Bajan-American father in today's society; 'Chambers' is an amalgamation of daily life interactions, and thoughts plaguing everyone, compacted with a rustic rhetoric and vernacular.

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"Hope.  Pain.  Love.  Desire.  These are the Chambers of a Beating Heart, but even with the actual chambers of the heart there is one undeniable constant that doesn’t allow them to be separate entities.  That constant is the flowing blood that unites the organ, the body, and the experiences.  These four elements that I claim make up the chambers of this poet’s heart, transcends the idea that they make up the components of the blood within me, that further helps the world relate to the touch, the caress, the feelings invoked by these words.  Chambers exists to allow readers to understand that the emotions they feel running rampant inside of their bodies, controlling their thoughts, usurping power, and forcing their actions are felt by multiple people in multitudes across the nation, furthermore the world.  I'm trying to tell artists, poets, readers, lovers, everything that The Most High gives breath to, you are not alone on your journey, and that we are all interconnected through that beating organ.  The dynamics of a beating heart are incredible, as is life with all of the complications of love, pain, hope, and desire.  I simply let mine beat with knowing that I will continue to dream beyond King's words, deal with pain that only the living can feel, desire as close to God's kingdom as I can receive here through pressing his word through my hands, and loving like tomorrow is a myth, and this is all we have.  This moment.  All I can do is channel every ounce of emotion I have into a ballpoint pen and scribble the letters of my heart and soul to share with the universe in prayers we wake up and realize if our hearts don't beat together, we will all eventually flatline."

French Kissed Black Roses

A Poetry Chapbook on Relationships: Makeups & Breakups

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